Monday, February 23, 2009

Garth Nix - Shade's Children

In Shade's Children, the future is a dark and bleak place where no adults are allowed to live. Children are brought up in the Dorms, and at the age of fourteen are taken away to be killed by the evil Overlords who have turned the world into a war-torn playground.

A few are lucky enough to escape the Dorms, but they are hunted by savage creatures under the Overlords' command: Screams, Trackers, Ferrets, Myrmidons and Wingers. Their only hope is one person who's attempting to make the children band together and form a resistance - the mysterious Shade. But even his motives are unknown...

This post-apocalyptic novel has a very different feel to it from the author's other well known books, the Old Kingdom trilogy, which have both medieval and World War 1 backgrounds as their setting. This novel is darker, and the main characters' constant fear of being hunted down fills the pages. The children are unsure of themselves, searching to find their place in what is left of the world even though disaster seems constantly inevitable.

A must read for anyone who enjoys this type of book - it's a tense read that'll keep you on the edge of your seat, and the ending packs a punch.

4 out of 5 at the very least.

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