Thursday, February 19, 2009

Victoria Walker - The Winter of Enchantment

When Sebastian first saw the girl crying in the mirror in the antique shop, he never could have imagined that it was only the start of a series of strange events. These would lead to Sebastian meeting the girl, Melissa, who had been locked away by a wicked Enchanter for over a hundred years. Together they had to find a way to break the Enchanter's power and free her, or she would remain his captive forever...

This is a book I read over and over again as a child and it's always been one of my favourite fantasy novels. Sebastian's meeting with the Seasons, the quest to collect the Power Objects, shadows coming to life, the various ways that Sebastian ends up visiting the Enchanter's house of treasures, there are so many favourite parts to the story that it's impossible to choose which bit is best.

The copy I used to have back then became so well read and worn that by now I'm almost afraid to touch it in case it falls to pieces, and for a long time the story was out of print so I couldn't buy a replacement copy. Luckily, The Winter of Enchantment was recently reprinted by Fidra Books, a wonderful thing because now a whole new generation can read the fantastic adventures of Sebastian and Melissa. There's also a sequel called The House Called Hadlows available from the same publishing house. I've never had a chance to read that before now, but finally the book is in my possession and I'll be able to find out what happens next!

I'd give this a 4 1/2 out of 5, just for the sheer magic of the story and the way it stays with you - it's one of those books that you'll always remember.

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  1. I certainly agree with you Chelle that it's one of those books that you'll always remember. It is also the one book that I've read more than once and will go back to reading it again. I love the magical feeling throughout the book. Now I look forward to The House Called Hadlows as well as to reading more of your reviews.
    I love your blog ~ keep writing!